Freezer Exchange

I often see friends in the States hosting freezer meal parties… everyone contributes different ingredients, you spend a few hours working together in someone’s kitchen and head home with 10 meals to fill your freezer.  I love the idea, but it needed to be tweaked a bit to work here.

So a few months ago, I approached the members of a facebook group I’m a part of – The Lebanese Food Squad – to see if anyone would be interested in a freezer meal exchange.  Basically we get a group of five, each cooks a certain meal times five and then get together and exchange.  If I’m making a pot of chili, might as well make a massive pot of chili and feed four other families at the same time, was my thinking!  The squad loved it and we had a group right away!  We each chose a main course, set a date a few weeks away and got busy cooking and freezing.


It was such a success that we formed a second group right away and met to exchange a few weeks later.  I think most of the ladies ended up taking the next week off from cooking completely, but I decided to fill my freezer as Luka was due just a few weeks later.

IMG_4360I did freezer meals before Ruby was born, but we ended up eating most of them in the few weeks before she came because I was so tired.  But this time we managed to stretch those meals out and use them when we needed them most… I actually just served the last one two weeks ago!

I used to cook and freeze all our meals once a week, but with a newborn in the house, I have been too tired after all the kids are in bed for the night to spend a few hours prepping and cooking meals for the week.  Instead I’ve been trying to choose a meal or two each week to double and freeze for later.  It really is great to know when the days are just too crazy (ie, Luka refuses to nap!) that I can pull a homemade meal out of the freezer and my family doesn’t have to live on peanut butter and jelly or shawarma from up the road… although I’m sure my girls would be just fine with that!


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