Interview with (another) 2 year old

Ruby is so excited to turn three.  She’s gonna “go to school, chew gum and get earrings.”  I’m also not-so-secretly hoping that she’ll also decide to be done nursing, but that’s for another post.

But before she can start school… the all important interview!  Yes, for those of you new to the blog and outside of Lebanon, my 2 year old was just interviewed by the school we hope will accept her.

I wasn’t nervous about it like I was with Isla.  For one, we know exactly what to expect.  Second, Ruby is already super comfortable at Isla’s school.  She greets the teachers with hugs when we pick Isla up in the afternoon and knows her way to the classrooms and bathrooms.  Third, she’s not shy like Isla was at her age.  She’s friendly and outgoing, so I figured the interview would be a breeze.

Haha.  She was super excited leading up to it, grabbed the teacher’s hand and headed up the stairs with her.  As we headed into the classroom, I reminded Isla that she needed to sit in the hall and do her homework or read some books – I didn’t want her in the interview because she has a terrible habit of answering questions directed at her sister.

We sat down at a little table and the teacher asked Ruby if she’d like to color first or build with blocks.  My friendly, talkative 2 year old completely shut down.  Wouldn’t answer, wouldn’t even look at the teacher!  So I asked her what she’d like to do first, color or blocks.  Nothing.  She just stared at the wall with a blank look on her face.  After what felt like an eternity of silence…  “Would you like Isla to sit with you?” the teacher asked.  So Ruby ran outside to get her sister and was back to her normal self.  It’s amazing how much more confidence Ruby has when Isla is next to her, even when Isla isn’t allowed to say a single word.

The interview was pretty much the same as Isla’s.  The teacher asked Ruby to identify some pictures, build a tower with blocks, do some matching and draw a picture.  I love that Ruby called the picture of an umbrella “rainbrella” and when she was asked what you do with a flower, she answered “plant it.”  The teacher kept prompting her, trying to get her to say you smell it, but Ruby wasn’t swayed.  She also called the picture of the slide a boat, but to be fair, it was a terrible drawing and I don’t think they’ll hold it against her.  ;)

In the meantime I was filling out the questionnaire about her habits and milestones…. when did she first sit, crawl, when did she take her first steps, eat solid foods.  I actually have those things all written down, but didn’t think to look at my list before we headed to the interview.  I do remember that she army crawled at four months but I thought I’d look like a liar if I actually wrote that down (because what baby does that!?!?) so I might have fudged the numbers a bit to make her seem a bit more normal! :)  No she doesn’t know how to ride a tricycle, yes she still sucks her thumb, and the thing that frustrates her the most is being told what to do.  I’m really curious how closely they read through those forms and what exactly they are looking for.  My best guess is that they want to see normal developmental patterns, because unfortunately, most schools in Beirut aren’t equipped to handle children with special needs.

All of a sudden the interview is over, and the teacher asks if Ruby would like to come to this school again.  “When I’m three.”  Now I just need to figure out how to get it in her head that she won’t get to go to school the day she turns three but has to wait until the fall to start.  Maybe I’ll just give her some gum.



3 thoughts on “Interview with (another) 2 year old

  1. I remember reading about (and laughing about) Isla’s interview back when we were still living in Beirut! Enjoyed this one too. Back then I thought my kids would go to school in Beirut too, but I’m right now enrolling the oldest in Spain, so lots to compare. What a smart kid knowing you need to plant the flower. Much more useful than just smelling it. Are they looking for the next generation of air hostesses?

    • Nice to hear from you! I’ve enjoyed following your language journey with your little ones. Good luck as you navigate the school decision as well!

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