Luka by the month – 3 months

luka 3 mos

Luka’s basic stats…  5.9 kilos (13 lbs) and 65 cm (2 feet tall, haha).  Basically he’s average weight and off the chart in height.

And now, Luka at 3 months.  By Isla & Ruby.
“Luka smiles a lot.  He smiles at me and Daddy and Ruby.  He spits up a lot still.  He smiles and laughs at the same time.  And cries.  And he poops.  And he potties.  (Those are Ruby’s contributions.)  And he doesn’t sleep so good in the day and night mostly.  Luka loves his sisters and his dad and mom and himself.  He likes to talk to people.  He likes to have some noisy toys.  He doesn’t know how to chew on his thumb yet.  He loves to drink milk and sit up.”

And now the clarification.  He does actually smile at me too.  :)  Isla is right he doesn’t sleep very well during the day, except when Caleb is home, and then he magically naps for hours next to his Daddy.  He sleeps like a champ at night, so I can’t really complain.  He’s quite content when he’s awake, has the sweetest little voice and loves to chew on his fingers.  While last month I would have described Luka as an old crank, he’s so much more smiley and social now.  He’ll stare you down til you make eye contact and then reward with with the sweetest little grin.  We love our little Luka!


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