Luka by the month – 4 months

luka 4 months

Luka is in such a fun stage.  He’s rolling all over the place, grabbing at anything he can reach (and putting it straight into his mouth) and blowing raspberries like a pro.  He hates taking naps during the day… basically he needs movement, white noise, skin touching skin and my finger to suck on in order to fall asleep.  Or he just needs to sit in Caleb’s lap and he’s out.  He’s pretty easy going as long as you aren’t trying to put him to sleep, but we’ve recently discovered he has quite the temper if you try to change his diaper or get him dressed when he’s hungry.  He loves his sisters more than anything and will fuss until he’s in the same room as them.  He still spits up like it’s his job, which is even more messy now that he likes rolling onto his belly.  He’s super strong, can almost pull himself up into a sitting position from his back using just his ab muscles.  So much for my dream of a lazy baby!  He’s very interested in everything that’s going on around him… I absolutely love how he takes little breaks to smile and coo at me while he’s nursing.  Don’t so much love the twisting and turning to see every time one of his sisters talks.  ;)

While he’s pretty average weight (about 15 pounds), he’s super tall and feels huge to me, especially compared to my girls who were the same weight at 7 and 8 months.  So to us, he’s a big boy!


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