Ruby’s Boxtown

Ruby’s Boxtown

Ruby very randomly decided that she wanted a “girl-cow” birthday party this year.  I knew it could be a challenge finding things for a Western-themed birthday here in the Middle East, but was happy to be planning a non-princess party for a change!

Wanted invitation

I decided to ditch the organized games this party.  As much as I love them, with three year olds, trying to get them to stand in a line and take turns, or really follow directions at all is like herding cats, so instead I decided to create different stations of activities where they could play.

We were at a friend’s house a few months ago and they had built a house out of a big cardboard box.  Ruby begged for a house like Taha’s, so this was the perfect opportunity.  But instead of a house, we created a whole Western boxtown!




The girls were in heaven.  I actually had to not let them play in them too much because I was afraid they’d be destroyed before the party even started!

In addition to the boxtown, which is where I anticipated the kids would spend most of their time playing, we also had a few other games.

Ring toss..


… a little art project…


… and a “digging for gold” station.  Ruby got a fun water table for her birthday from her Grandpa and Grandma, so we filled it with rice and dried chickpeas that we had painted yellow for the kids to search for.

DSC_4516 - Version 2

It took the kids a while to warm up to the whole idea of free play – I think partially because many of them didn’t know each other.  But by the end of the party, there was rice everywhere and lots of bad guys chased and caught and put into jail.  They had a blast.

We also had a pinata that my friend made.


See Ruby’s boots?  Those were her Daddy’s cowboy boots when he was a little boy.

And no party would be complete without the cake… I hesitate to show you my cupcake horse because it could easily belong on a Pinterest fail website… I don’t think anyone even knew it was supposed to be a horse…. but the cupcakes tasted great!  I found recipes for flavored buttercream here, so we had lemon and berry flavored frosting.


I kept the other food simple: zaatar and cheese rolls, chicken nuggets, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples and haystacks (Rice Krispie treats.  But Ruby and Isla think they are actually called haystacks, haha!)

My little birthday girl was thrilled with her party… and in a panic when her friends were leaving trying to figure out if she was “still three???”


Yes, princess.  You are still three.  :)


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