Beirut’s best burger

There are dozens of different burger places in Beirut, but hands down my favorite burgers are at Shake Shack.  The ten year old chain started in Manhattan and now has two branches in Beirut – one in City Centre Mall, the other at ABC Ashrafieh. I’m no meat connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, but I absolutely love the patties on the burgers at Shake Shack.  The ratio of meat to cheese to condiments is perfect and with a frozen custard milkshake on the side, it’s a meal that is approaching perfection in my opinion. But, even when all the other restaurants surrounding it are packed, Shake Shack is always nearly empty. IMG_5184 No surprise, because even though it’s got the best burger, the value for your money is terrible.  The burgers are pretty small, even Isla can eat two (although this child can put food away like a teenage boy, so she might not be the best example!)  A double cheeseburger is $10 and if you want fries (which you will if you are hungry), then you have to order them extra.  Compare that to a place like Classic Burger, where $10 will get you a burger twice the size and unlimited fries. Shack Shack has amazing milkshakes, but the concretes have the same problem as the burger.  Super small portion for way too much money.  We tried the flavor of the week (chocolate mint – my fave!) and their signature Shack Attack and both were disappointing.  The girls had strawberry and peanut butter chocolate, which were very very good, but not even enough of a serving for a 3 and 5 year old.  We’ll definitely wait til Goodberry’s to indulge in frozen custard from now on! IMG_3702

(this was a free sample of red velvet custard… good, but I wouldn’t pay $5.33 for one small scoop!)

Now that I’m not pregnant, where I would oddly crave meat and specifically Shake Shack burgers :) it’s definitely not a place we’ll be eating at very often… it’s just not worth the $$$.  Plus, they don’t have plain water.  What kind of restaurant doesn’t serve plain water?!?


5 thoughts on “Beirut’s best burger

  1. I am sorry that something you enjoy so much becomes prohibitive because of the cost😒. That adorable smile! Oh my goodness!

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