Luka by the month – 5 months

luka 5 months

Luka took his four month sleep regression very seriously.  The combination of being super distracted during the day and needing to make up for it by eating all night long and his new trick of rolling onto his belly while sleeping (“I’m on my belly!  WHHYYYY am I on my belly!?!?!”) made for not a lot of sleep for mama.  We had a few good nights last week, so I thought our champion sleeper was back, but the past two nights are proving me wrong!

Luka is a wild, happy baby.  He is constantly moving… rolling and kicking on the floor and bouncing, turning, kicking and stretching on someone’s lap.  When he starts chatting, his conversations are loud and long and wet, because there is constantly drool pouring out of his mouth.  He loves playing with his toys, although at this stage that means chewing on them – Sophie the giraffe is one of his favorites this month.

He loves his sisters and laughs at all their silly jokes, loves being bounced and swung and can’t get enough of his bath.  He’s smiley and giggly and happy.  He loves sleeping in the wrap and hates being alone.  Still spitting up on everyone and everything… hoping to have something new to report on that front next month!


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