Luka by the month – 6 months

luka 6 mos

Part of me kind of expected to wake up on Luka’s six month bday and be done with spit up forever.  That has not been the case.

But spit up and all, Luka is a joy.  He loves playing peek-a-boo, chasing his sisters and jumping in that swingy thing that hangs from the doorway.  No toy is safe if it’s in Luka’s sight – he’s figured out how to roll all over the room.  He’s sitting up, though a bit wobbly still.  He’s bouncy wiggly and always on wants to be on the move. He’s grabbed and tried to eat birthday cake, an ice cream cone, a taco and a tuna sandwich, but when we actually try to put food in front of him, he could care less about it.  He’s still a milk monster, though.

Luka’s a happy smiley baby… offering his drooly, toothless grin to anyone who will make eye contact with him.  He’s obsessed with the colorful light in our salon and Ruby’s birthday banner which is still hanging up.  Sleeping during the day is still hit or miss, although I can always get him to nap in the wrap, but he’s finally finally finally back to sleeping through the night, although it still takes a two hour nursing marathon to get him down for the night.

Can’t believe it’s been six months since Luka joined the family.  We love him so!


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