Truthful advertising

Inshallah.  God willing.  A phrase that should be one that speaks of dependence and trust is probably the most frustrating thing you can hear.

Ask the electrician when he will come.  When he says “tomorrow, inshallah,” be prepared to wait at least three days.

When a friend says she’ll pass by for a visit, inshallah, bake a cake just in case, but be prepared to eat the whole thing (not necessarily a bad thing, ha!)

I actually find myself using it when I don’t want to commit to something but don’t want to completely shoot somebody down either.  Every time I see the lady who runs the dukan across the street, she reminds me that her nephew runs a hair salon and I should really go visit him.  He’ll even cut the girls’ hair for free and do Isla’s makeup for her graduation (!!!)… “Yes,” I say, “I need to see him.  Inshallah tomorrow.” (My reply made even more vague by the recent discovery that tomorrow can actually be used for any future event.  Not necessarily after one sunset and sunrise.)

I digress. I remember being so excited that The Cheesecake Factory would be opening soon in Beirut City Centre.  The signs were up, bloggers were going crazy… and two years later still no Cheesecake Factory.  A restaurant that recently opened on Hamra street had a sign up for months that said “Opening in July.”  That would be last July.  Shoulda put an Inshallah on there.  Or at least an ish…


I have no idea what this place is that is opening soon-ish, but I’m already a fan!


One thought on “Truthful advertising

  1. I think it all starts with parents telling their kids that “inshallah” they will go to the park or “inshallah” they will buy them a present. Then the kids grow up having picked up the word inshallah in a way that it was not intended to be used and they find themselves telling their own children “inshallah” and the rest of the community for that matter!

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