Luka by the month – (8 and) 9 months

I feel so uninspired to blog these days.  I actually write numerous posts in my head, but finding the time and the energy to sit and write them out has been much harder.  I actually did take Luka’s 8 month picture (a week early as we were traveling) but never got around to writing about it.  Don’t know if I should blame that on third child syndrome or not. ;)

luka 9 months

Luka is a joy, I don’t know how else to describe him.  He’s such a happy little guy.  He’s super active, unless he’s conked out, he doesn’t stop moving.  He’s a speedy little crawler, pulling up and cruising on everything.  He can stand on his own but isn’t quite brave enough to take those first steps on his own.  He claps and has the cutest little backwards wave.  He finally started eating at 8.5 months and hasn’t stopped since.  He loves his food.  He loves playing in the water, dogs, balls and his sisters’ princesses.  For a while we thought he might be almost saying “mama” but now anytime we prompt him to say it, he spits at us.  He’s a big boy, I’m guessing around 20 pounds and super tall.  He’s got two little teeth poking through and way more hair than either of the girls did at this age.  We sure do love our Luka Bazooka!


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