Luka by the month – 10 months


This boy.  I just can’t get enough of him.  At ten months, all Luka wants to do is walk.  Even better if he can kick his soccer ball while he’s at it.  He’s still a bit wobbly, but he can make it all the way across the room now without holding on to anything.  He’s got four teeth and will use them to eat anything and everything, but fruit is his absolute favorite.  He’s recently discovered and loves books, especially the ones with different textures to feel.  He loves balls.  He’s started playing peek-a-boo, pointing with the cutest little finger and dancing when he hears music.  After a rough few months, he’s finally sleeping long stretches again at night, just waking up once to eat.  He’s a great napper during the day and will sleep in his bed, carseat, stroller or the wrap if he’s tired enough.  Oh, and he loves this Lego man.  He’ll dump the whole box of blocks out to find this guy, stick it in his mouth and go about his business.




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