Luka by the month – 11 months

luka by the month

It’s amazing how babies grow and develop overnight.  Luka started taking hesitant steps a month ago, and now he’s a super confident walker.  He can squat down to get something off the floor and stand back up.  He can step over and around toys on the floor, climb stairs and he even thinks he can jump, which is pretty much the most adorable thing ever.  He loves to push buttons in the elevator, the microwave and I’m pretty sure he’s been turning the wash off mid-cycle.

He likes to play on the slides at the girls’ school, empty my fruit cart of lemons and potatoes, and brush his teeth.  He waves bye-bye and gives slobbery kisses, especially to his sisters.  When he wants a nap, he starts patting the side of his head and blowing kisses.  He’s finally sleeping through the night more often than not, although when he does, he’s up and at’em around 5am.  He shouts mamamama! but not necessarily directed at me.  Most of his “talking” consists of grunting and spitting.

Luka loves to eat.  His favorite food is still fruit, although he can pack away a quarter pounder like a boss.  He has also been known to steal juice from refugees.  This child has no shame.  Thankfully he’s cute.  Really, really cute.DSC_5524


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