Art party

Art party

Isla starts planning her birthday parties pretty much from the day after her previous birthday.  The planning kicks into gear around Ruby’s birthday, so for the past six months she has been coming up with projects, food and the guest list for her art party.


We had so much fun at Ruby’s party earlier in the year with stations instead of organized games, and an art party was the perfect theme to do the same.  We set up stations all around the house and on the balcony with different projects the kids could work on

We had a creation station filled with all sorts of markers, stickers, and paper scraps for the kids to decorate a big folder to keep their projects in, a bubble painting station, sidewalk chalk, playdough, and a canvas painting station.  The kids all started at the creation station and then were free to wander about and create wherever and whatever they wanted.  We did do one group game because I just can’t help myself!

I  kept the food simple, but tried to make it really colorful like an artist’s palette.  I really wanted to do a rainbow cake, but didn’t want it to taste like chemicals, so I juiced different fruits and veggies and made a natural rainbow cake!  Some of the colors turned out better than others, and I was surprised at the depth of flavor each layer had.  It was really really good.


Caleb made the mistake of admitting that frosting a cake is a lot like laying cement, which he is really good at.  He had all these knives and tools and cold water and who knows what else to help him frost it.  I will not be frosting a cake ever again.

The kids had fun, I think the moms did too, and Isla felt special and loved.  Happy 6th birthday to our amazing girl!




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