Monster birthday

Monster birthday

We kept Luka’s first birthday pretty low key.  I’ve always said that the first birthday is more for the family to celebrate making it through a year than anything else, so we decided to have a small family party for Luka.  We invited the closest people we have to family here in Lebanon for a little monster party to celebrate our little man.


The theme was so easy and so cute that I might actually use it again next year.  The girls and I had a great time making the decorations and turning a simple dinner into monster food.

Luka is a pretty chill, laid back baby, so I was really surprised at how excited he was about his party.  Obviously he has no idea what it meant that it was his birthday, but he knew something special and fun was going on.


We made a little ball pit, had a monster craft, but mostly hung out.  It was fun and laid back, just like our little man!

I tried a fondant cake for the first time and it turned out really cute! I hate the flavor of fondant, so I put plenty of buttercream underneath so that the cake would still taste good, haha!  Confession, it wasn’t my 1 year old’s first time having cake, so he knew exactly what to do with it.  Baby number 3, what can I say?

I cant believe he is one!  Happy birthday Luka-bazooka!


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