Normally I’m against torture…

There’s something about a new year that gets me all nostalgic.  Or maybe it’s because I’ve finally updated to the new iOS which no longer supports iPhoto and so all 48 thousand photos I had nicely organized are now in one jumbled mess and have required hours of sorting… I’m not annoyed about that, no.

I digress.  One of my favorite Christmas decorations my mom would put out each year was our collection of pictures with Santa.  There is one in particular, where I’m sporting some crazy curls and my 2 year old brother is snotty, red-faced and screaming bloody murder.  I love that picture and was determined to keep the tradition of screaming children on Santa’s lap photos when I finally had my own kids.

I know, I know, I’m supposed to be all attachment parenting and anti-cry it out.  And yes, I believe strongly in those things.  But I take a pass once a year and force my children to sit on a scary stranger’s lap while I take their picture.  In theory it’s a terrible thing to do.  But in reality… c’mon, it’s tradition!!

Isla has never failed to disappoint.  Okay when she was two months old, she sat like a little blob, but since 2 month olds pretty much do that 24/7, I wasn’t too worried.


But one year old Isla and two year old Isla…. gold.

Three year old Isla bragged about how brave she was.  Santa?  Who’s scared of Santa?


But this was as close as she’d get to the non-Daddy version that year.


I had high hopes for Ruby.  And then my dreams were dashed when she giggled and grinned for the camera!

Scan 6

No way am I paying for professional pictures again if my kid is gonna smile!  Isla liked Santa when she was four because, well, she liked Santa’s manicure.  And don’t be fooled by Ruby’s face.  She loved Santa, hated the camera.

So now I think Isla is finally growing out of her fear and Ruby loves the guy.  She does hate flowers, apparently, so I do still have that going for me.


Then surprise! Baby #3 comes along.  He sleeps through his first Santa picture, while Isla refuses to get close and Ruby cheeses like she’s been doing this her whole life.  Which she has.

Scan 66

We had lots of Santa practice this year, and I fully expected Luka to follow Ruby’s lead.  He’s pretty happy go lucky and I’ve never seen him afraid of anything (unlike Isla who was afraid of pumpkins at his age?!?)  He was proving me right and I figured the tradition was dying now that Isla is six and totally confident around strange men with fake beards.

Oh yeah, also, this happened.


So when we were in the mall and saw a Santa doing pictures… for free… with no line, I thought why not?



Long live tradition!



4 thoughts on “Normally I’m against torture…

  1. Okay, that is a creepy looking Santa! Can’t even see his face. How would you know if he was jolly or not! And, I find it a little bit disturbing that you take joy in such things!!

  2. Too funny! Love it! :-)


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