Comparing SSCs

I love my woven wrap.  But my wiggly toddler has absolutely no patience for back wraps these days… even the 30 seconds it takes to get him into a nice tight ruck is too long.  I also love my ring sling.  But as Luka gets heavier, it is less and less comfortable for more than a quick trip.  So my SSC (soft structured carrier), specifically my Beco, is the carrier I find myself reaching for more often than not.

The thing about SSCs is, unlike wraps and slings, they aren’t one size fits all.  Depending on your body type and size, as well as the size and age of your baby, an SSC may be a great fit, or it may not work at all.  At our most recent babywearing meeting, I helped a mama try on four different SSCs, and only one of them fit her!  Babies have different preferences too.  Luka likes his arms out, so a carrier with a higher back isn’t comfortable for him.

Our Babywearing Beirut group has been working hard to build our library so that moms can try out a whole range of carriers to find the perfect fit.  And we are proud to present our (limited for now) options of SSCs!

SSC comparison

Some things to notice as you compare… the width of the seat, the height of the back, the level of the baby… all important things to consider as you choose which SSC is best for you!  Of course, trying them out is ideal, so if you are in Beirut, join us at our monthly meetings and check them out for yourself!


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