When old posts make me cringe

When old posts make me cringe

On the admin page of my blog, I can see the number of times each individual post is viewed on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis.  Sometimes an old post will get  views and I always wonder how someone ended up on that particular post.  Sometimes it’s pretty clear… the post I wrote about my delivery wishes for Ruby’s birth pops up on a google search for “delivery wishes,” and it gets several random views a day.

A couple days ago, a post titled Culture Shock popped up in my stats.  I didn’t even remember writing it, so I clicked to read and was almost embarrassed at what I wrote.  It was basically a list of things I was missing after one month living here in Beirut.

Some of the things I missed almost 8 years ago I haven’t even thought of in years.  Others I’ve learned to work around, and others I’ve actually started to prefer.  It’s funny how perspective changes over the years.

It’s not the first old post I’ve read and cringed at.  Parenting posts for example… we’ve changed and evolved in our parenting style a lot since Isla was born, and my opinions and values are much different than they were when she was a baby… I want to think matured is the right word, but at the very least they’ve changed.


In a way, this blog is like a journal of our lives here in Beirut.  It’s not exhaustive, of course, but I’m not a big journaler, so it’s what I have.  But unlike a journal, my thoughts and opinions from way back when, that I don’t actually agree with or believe in any more, are still out there for the public to read.

So I’m curious, for all you bloggers out there… do you face this same dilemma?  What do you do about all those old posts that you don’t feel are a good representation of who you are now?  I love to see them in the grand scheme of this journey of life that I am on, of how I’ve grown and changed.  But when someone googles and ends up reading only that post… ugh.

Waiting for your thoughts…



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