a little more about me

I’m Nicolette… wife to one, mama to three + nine.  Yeah, life is busy.  Living in Beirut since 2008.  I work with at-risk children and refugees, and my husband and teaches at the seminary up the mountain.  I save work and ministry updates for our newsletters, upload a bajillion pictures of our kids on facebook, but here on the blog you will find my thoughts on life in Beirut, parenthood and a whole bunch of other random things.  Enjoy!


25 thoughts on “a little more about me

  1. Wonderful…but why is Nicolette cut in half in the headline graphic? Is she changing her name to “Sharon” in honor of Mr. Bean?

  2. who’s Sharon? And Nicolette’s cut in half because of some kind of intergalactic ping-back or something with WordPress. I think the server keeps feeding the wrong coordinates for the picture I uploaded.

  3. I came across your webpage while fishing around Facebook. : ) I love seeing you guys and reading about all your amazing adventures! Please be sure we are on your “Newsletter” mailing list and any other list you might send out. I hope I get to meet Caleb soon! Love you guys! Your Cousin’s in Anaheim CA!

  4. Hi Nicolette and Caleb,
    Happy New Year!! Thanks for keeping us posted on what is going on with you. We miss you and are prayng for you.
    Ann Cooper

  5. Hi
    What a brilliant blog page. I love the design but you’re blogs are also really interesting, insightful and raise some very interesting questions and thoughts.
    Good luck for the future.

  6. Hello! My name is Mary Jane and I am Amy Horton’s Mom from NY. I would be interested in emailing you as they prepare to leave for Lebanon. I’m sure I will need some help and have a few questions for you if you have time to email me as well. Thank you! So excited to read your blog and website!

    1. Nice to “meet” you Mary Jane! I’m happy to chat over email. Sent you a note earlier today.. feel free to shoot any questions my way! :)

  7. Stumbled upon your blog, what a nice read!! Thanks again for the ride today and the little adventure on the way back :)
    We also blog at ivershen.wordpress.com. See you soon!

  8. Will you email me. I’m not good w Facebook. I once thought I was suppose to check the people I knew on this long list, instead I was friend requesting them all. Including single men, I was mortified – lol. We are living in Spain working w Worldwide Evangelical Christians. We know Brian and Cassie from your organization ;). We want to connect through email. Thanks so much
    Blessings, Caroline and Tom

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