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Between two worlds

Between two worlds

Originally written for our May 2016 Picture of the Month email update Living between two worlds is exactly what the month leading up to Home Assignment feels like.  There is so much to do to prepare for a summer in the US – buying plane tickets, hotel and rental car reservations, taking prayer card pictures, … Continue reading

Words are cheap. Do something.

Words are cheap. Do something.

I have been heartsick over the way the tragedy in Paris has so quickly been turned into an opportunity to spew hatred against the most vulnerable – those fleeing the same evil that blew themselves up in the heart of Europe. I thought about writing a post about what I believe a Christian response should … Continue reading

Vacationing with a TCK

Vacationing with a TCK

Every month we send out a picture of the month update.  Our August update about our vacation got a lot of responses from friends of ours who also live overseas and are raising Third Culture Kids.  I thought I’d share it here too, as it’s a better forum to dialogue and share ideas (though most … Continue reading

The definition of a church home

Last night we spoke at a prayer meeting at Scofield.  This is an incredible group of saints who get together EVERY WEEK to prayer for the workers that they are supporting overseas.  It was a privilege and honor to share some ministry updates and prayer requests with them. When we walked into church this past … Continue reading

Summer Schedule

For those of you who don’t get our email updates, here’s our schedule for our summer Home Assignment.  If you will be in any of these place while we are, we’d love to connect over coffee, lunch, play date, whatever! May 27 – June 8:  Littleton, CO June 8 – 18:  Dallas, TX June 19 … Continue reading

Random thoughts

1.  We leave for America in 11 days.  Gulp. 2.  I found a Gymboree today.  You have no idea how hard it is to keep reminding myself that we leave for America in 12 days and I can buy things at Gymboree for half of what they cost here. 3.  Tomorrow I’m taking two of … Continue reading

Logical conclusions

The girls often contort Bible stories they’ve learned into some really funny stories with hilarious applications. Recently, my two first graders have been talking about how if someone doesn’t have clothes or food and you give them some, it’s like you are feeding and clothing God.  Very Biblical.  Or if you lie to someone, it’s … Continue reading

Can you keep a secret?

… our girls sure can’t! Today was one of the house moms, Pascale’s, birthday.  While the girls were studying, she was out running some errands, so Mona pulled out a card for them to sign and they all got busy choosing gifts and wrapping them up.  The plan was to surprise her with a cake … Continue reading