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Years ago I was reflecting on culture shock, and reverse culture shock, and reverse reverse culture shock with some other expat women who have been doing this whole back and forth between cultures much longer than we have.  One gave some excellent advice that I have found so helpful.  She recommended making a list of … Continue reading

Perspectives on safety

Perspectives on safety

I was at a play place a few weeks ago chatting with another mom about our summer plans.  She made an off-hand comment about how play places like the one we were in made her nervous and how nice it must be to spend the summer in a safe place like America. At that particular … Continue reading

A child’s culture shock

There’s no question that reverse culture shock is a real thing.  We experienced it in the minutes we got off the plane in Denver and were overwhelmed with how friendly people were – talking, smiling, asking questions… it felt weird and suspicious and strangely annoying.  Because we are aware of the phenomenon of feeling a … Continue reading

Isla in America

I love looking at America through Isla’s eyes.  So much is new and fun. I missed the Isla in May post… yeah, we had a few things on our plate last month!  Isla in June is coming soon, but I wanted to write a bit about the fun things Isla is discovering in the good … Continue reading

Top ten things I will do in America

So, besides the obvious seeing family and friends, here are the top ten really not important but kind of important things that I will do when we set foot on American soil for the first time in two years: (In no particular order): 1. Flush my toilet paper.  (I might just throw a whole roll … Continue reading

Upcoming trip

So as those of you who get our newsletter know, we have been invited to speak at a fundraising event at one of our churches in Texas next month.  Since we will already be on that side of the ocean, we were able to tag on a few days with our families in North Carolina … Continue reading