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Isla feeds the cow

Anything I said in my last post, I take back.  Isla is a Hutcherson through and through. Today she got to feed the cow scraps from the salad I made for dinner. Here’s the cow. picture is currently unavailable Every. single. time. the cow grabbed the food, she made the same face followed by a … Continue reading

Last stop: Arizona

Our few days in Arizona were all about Isla getting in touch with her Hutcherson roots… We had lots of good family time, more than one trip to Target, a fun time catching up with friends and supporters at our open house, and a chance to share a bit of our life with our church … Continue reading

The Mystery Fruit

I totally forgot to let you know the identity of our dessert from a few weeks ago… Here it is… Yep, it’s cactus! A little taste of Arizona in the middle of Lebanon…. now if we could just get a little taste of Mexico, life would be swell!

stacks and piles, piles and stacks

this week has been all about the stacks.  we’ve been working our way through our apartment, dividing our stuff into four stacks: what to sell, what to give to my sister, what to take to beirut, and what we can’t take but don’t really want to get rid of.  it’s been surprising, the stuff i … Continue reading