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Luka by the month – 11 months

Luka by the month – 11 months

It’s amazing how babies grow and develop overnight.  Luka started taking hesitant steps a month ago, and now he’s a super confident walker.  He can squat down to get something off the floor and stand back up.  He can step over and around toys on the floor, climb stairs and he even thinks he can … Continue reading

Luka by the month – 7 months

Luka by the month – 7 months

It’s a bit embarrassing that pretty much all I blog about these days are my children and food.  But let’s be honest.  With three small kids and a jam packed schedule at work, if my kids are fed and still alive by the end of the day, I count it all success.  Laundry may pile … Continue reading

Luka by the month – 5 months

Luka took his four month sleep regression very seriously.  The combination of being super distracted during the day and needing to make up for it by eating all night long and his new trick of rolling onto his belly while sleeping (“I’m on my belly!  WHHYYYY am I on my belly!?!?!”) made for not a … Continue reading

Luka by the month – 4 months

Luka is in such a fun stage.  He’s rolling all over the place, grabbing at anything he can reach (and putting it straight into his mouth) and blowing raspberries like a pro.  He hates taking naps during the day… basically he needs movement, white noise, skin touching skin and my finger to suck on in … Continue reading

Luka by the month – 3 months

Luka’s basic stats…  5.9 kilos (13 lbs) and 65 cm (2 feet tall, haha).  Basically he’s average weight and off the chart in height. And now, Luka at 3 months.  By Isla & Ruby. “Luka smiles a lot.  He smiles at me and Daddy and Ruby.  He spits up a lot still.  He smiles and … Continue reading

Luka by the month

We’re still getting to know our little one month old… but we do know that Luka loves to sleep (once we can finally get him to sleep!), loves to eat and seems to love spitting up all over everything…. especially when I’ve just changed his clothes or I’m all dressed to go to a parents … Continue reading

Signs you are on baby #3

– You pee on the stick and immediately gain ten pounds. – You start wearing maternity clothes at about 8 weeks. – By month 5, people are already asking if you are close to giving birth. – With your first, you knew how far along you were to the day.  Second was to the month.  … Continue reading

The best laid plans…

While my friends were doodling baby names and hearts with the initials of the boys they liked on their class notes, I was designing my orphanage. I had the layout all planned out by the time I’d graduated high school, and finished up my plans during some of my less-than-exciting classes in college.  I always … Continue reading

For Sale

Buying things second hand is rare here in Beirut.  I suspect it’s cultural, but I haven’t quite figured it all out, so that’s for another post.  When we moved into our apartment, we had to completely furnish it from scratch.  And furniture is expensive.  So is baby gear.  And appliances, and toys, and… and…. A … Continue reading

First word?

Ruby’s been saying this pretty consistently for the past few weeks, but we kept debating whether or not it is actually her first word. But I think I’m calling it.  Not ‘mama’ or ‘dada’ or ‘Isla.’  Not ‘more’ like her big sister.  But Ruby’s first word totally fits her personality.  Our little social butterfly.  The … Continue reading