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Candyland birthday

Candyland birthday

We moved into our new house just a few weeks before Ruby’s birthday.  While we are really happy in our new place, we desperately miss our balcony.  It was as close to a yard as you can get in Beirut and the kids could spend hours outside playing after school.  It also was the one … Continue reading

Monster birthday

Monster birthday

We kept Luka’s first birthday pretty low key.  I’ve always said that the first birthday is more for the family to celebrate making it through a year than anything else, so we decided to have a small family party for Luka.  We invited the closest people we have to family here in Lebanon for a … Continue reading

Art party

Art party

Isla starts planning her birthday parties pretty much from the day after her previous birthday.  The planning kicks into gear around Ruby’s birthday, so for the past six months she has been coming up with projects, food and the guest list for her art party. We had so much fun at Ruby’s party earlier in … Continue reading

Ruby’s Boxtown

Ruby very randomly decided that she wanted a “girl-cow” birthday party this year.  I knew it could be a challenge finding things for a Western-themed birthday here in the Middle East, but was happy to be planning a non-princess party for a change! I decided to ditch the organized games this party.  As much as … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Ruby!

Ruby has been looking forward to being three for quite a while now so that she can get earrings, go to school and chew gum.  Her current favorite things are her sister, cold oatmeal, dresses that spin, babies and zert (dessert).  When Ruby grows up she wants to wipe herself when she poops and be … Continue reading

Isla’s Frozen party

I kind of have this rule about birthday parties… I learned pretty quickly that small kids could care less about how well the food matches the theme of a party and it’s just not worth the effort to be creative with party food for a 4 or 5 year old’s birthday. But as I was … Continue reading

Our fancy 4 year old

Our silly, smart, talkative, bossy Isla Marie turned 4 last week. She chose Fancy Nancy as the theme for her party this year.  For those of you with little girls who haven’t discovered Fancy Nancy books yet, I’d highly recommend them.  She’s a cute character who doesn’t have a stinky attitude (ahem, ahem Pinkalicious) and … Continue reading

Our own version of March(April) Madness!

I love college basketball. I love the month of March because of college basketball. I love filling out my bracket… although my family makes fun of me because I always have Duke winning (what can I say, I’m a fan… feel free to call me a bandwagon-er, but I actually really like their style of … Continue reading

Happy birthday, Caleb!

Caleb’s 30th birthday was last week.  Feels so weird, I mean, I remember very clearly my MOM’S 30th birthday!!  While we obviously aren’t kids anymore, 30 feels so grown up and responsible… Anyways, here are a few pictures from the celebrations! Isla helping make Daddy’s cake and helping wrap his present yummy birthday dinner from … Continue reading