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allegorizing the Trinity?

One interest of mine that continually challenges me…and never really leaves me satisfied…is looking for ways to communicate the Christian doctrine of the Trinity.  The communication of this doctrine, I believe, is an essential element of Christian teaching.  Often, though, especially in evangelical circles, we are so concerned with the application of doctrine, that we … Continue reading

change in plans?

If you’ve been watching the news at all over the last couple days, I’d imagine this question may have come to your mind concerning us and our plans. Let me just say up front: Our plans right now remain unchanged. We are still hoping to be in Beirut by mid-September starting language studies. Does the … Continue reading

a review: The Great Debaters

“It is my civic and moral duty to oppose unjust law, either with violence or non-violence. Pray I choose the latter.” Nicolette and I caught an early matinee for The Great Debaters this past Saturday. While I do not normally recommend sappy/inspirational movies, I thoroughly enjoyed this flick. Sure, the story is one I feel … Continue reading

question of the week

Alright, I’ve been on the prowl, and this question popped into my mind from this last week… What do you think about the “emerging church?” This is an important question to be asking, especially since our church here in Chandler has adopted elements of the “movement” into its ministry strategy. The difficulty in answering this … Continue reading

no fear?

A few weeks ago, we watched the movie “A Mighty Heart.” It’s the true story of American journalist Daniel Pearl working in Pakistan, who was kidnapped by extremists and brutally beheaded. It’s an excellent movie – with a really good message – about a terrible event. picture currently unavailable By far the most common question … Continue reading

your church vs. the ideal church?

Good questions have a way of making you think about them for a long time after you answered them. So, here’s a question I was asked recently, that I’ve been muddling on ever since: Which do you love more, your local church or the ideal Church? I answered by saying that I love my church … Continue reading