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A child’s culture shock

There’s no question that reverse culture shock is a real thing.  We experienced it in the minutes we got off the plane in Denver and were overwhelmed with how friendly people were – talking, smiling, asking questions… it felt weird and suspicious and strangely annoying.  Because we are aware of the phenomenon of feeling a … Continue reading

For Sale

Buying things second hand is rare here in Beirut.  I suspect it’s cultural, but I haven’t quite figured it all out, so that’s for another post.  When we moved into our apartment, we had to completely furnish it from scratch.  And furniture is expensive.  So is baby gear.  And appliances, and toys, and… and…. A … Continue reading

An open letter

Dear friends, acquaintances and random strangers, I am really trying to adapt to the culture here.  Which means, when you didn’t know I was pregnant and told me I was fat, I tried my hardest to just smile.  And when you asked me why I still had a belly when my baby was “already three … Continue reading