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I stand corrected.

Isla and I would have totally rocked first place. mad props to the in-laws and their talented friends for this one! :)   Advertisements

The diapers I didn’t win

Remember that contest that I didn’t win a few months ago? Here’s the first place winner. I actually didn’t want to win first prize – I just wanted the diapers that came with second! :) It was kind of a bummer because Huggies made such a big deal about gathering votes, but then just ended … Continue reading

I’ve done all that I can do.

I blogged about it. I inundated my facebook friends with pleas. I posted on every message board I’ve ever been remotely associated with. Good grief, my sister even tweeted the Kardashian sisters about it. Now I just have to wait 25 hours to see if I can get enough votes to win free diapers for … Continue reading

Free diapers for a year!!!

I just entered a contest to win free diapers for a year… I actually don’t want first prize which includes a trip to Istanbul… I just want the diapers!!!  :) I have a little under two weeks to get the most votes (okay, second most votes!)… so I need your help! Please please please, go … Continue reading

Cash back and a free iPad

I debated whether or not I should post this.  Caleb voted no, but I reeealllly like to win things, and it’s actually helping YOU out too, so…… There is this website called Ebates. Basically, it is like a portal to all kinds of online shopping websites – Target, Barnes and Noble, Air France, the Apple … Continue reading