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Years ago I was reflecting on culture shock, and reverse culture shock, and reverse reverse culture shock with some other expat women who have been doing this whole back and forth between cultures much longer than we have.  One gave some excellent advice that I have found so helpful.  She recommended making a list of … Continue reading

Between two worlds

Between two worlds

Originally written for our May 2016 Picture of the Month email update Living between two worlds is exactly what the month leading up to Home Assignment feels like.  There is so much to do to prepare for a summer in the US – buying plane tickets, hotel and rental car reservations, taking prayer card pictures, … Continue reading

Perspectives on safety

Perspectives on safety

I was at a play place a few weeks ago chatting with another mom about our summer plans.  She made an off-hand comment about how play places like the one we were in made her nervous and how nice it must be to spend the summer in a safe place like America. At that particular … Continue reading

Behind the times

When I was in elementary school, my family lived in Europe for three years.  We had full and happy lives there and were largely unconnected to what was going on in the States.  Of course we worked hard at keeping in touch with family and close friends, some of whom came to visit while we … Continue reading

First… statue?!

So we headed down to DTS (the school where Caleb and I met) today to hang out with some friends. There are a few statues on campus depicting different scenes from the Bible.  We sent Isla over to one to see if she could figure out who it was.  She immediately guessed it was Mary … Continue reading

A child’s culture shock

There’s no question that reverse culture shock is a real thing.  We experienced it in the minutes we got off the plane in Denver and were overwhelmed with how friendly people were – talking, smiling, asking questions… it felt weird and suspicious and strangely annoying.  Because we are aware of the phenomenon of feeling a … Continue reading

Summer blog series

Well, we’ve been in Colorado for two days now.  Working on getting over jet-lag (party at 2am anyone?) and re-assuring Isla that the neighbor’s garage door opening is not actually a bear. We’ve sufficiently overwhelmed ourselves by just one visit to Target and the girls have eaten their weight in blueberries and raspberries.  We’ve laughed … Continue reading

The culture shock that no one tells you about

When we moved to Lebanon three years ago, we were prepared to deal with culture shock.  Now, we weren’t actually sure which aspects of culture we’d struggle with, but we were armed with information & statistics, realistic expectations, and cute little phrases to help us through (“it’s not bad, just different;” “you’ll need to make … Continue reading

Culture Shock?

There are several stages of culture shock that we anticipate going through as we settle into life here in Lebanon.  From excitement over all the new sights, sounds, smells and tastes to questioning how in the world people can live like this, to acceptance, and eventually taking on and loving our new home and culture.  … Continue reading