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Between two worlds

Between two worlds

Originally written for our May 2016 Picture of the Month email update Living between two worlds is exactly what the month leading up to Home Assignment feels like.  There is so much to do to prepare for a summer in the US – buying plane tickets, hotel and rental car reservations, taking prayer card pictures, … Continue reading

Some things I might never understand

Just like learning a new language is a life long process, so is understanding and adapting to a foreign culture. We are constantly learning new aspects of Lebanese culture and shifting our actions or attitudes in order to fit in or not offend.  Sometimes, even though we’ve intellectually understood how the culture works, our first … Continue reading

The never ending piece of advice

As the girls and I were walking home from play group today, Isla tripped and cut her leg open on a piece of concrete.  We were pretty close to home, and when we got there I quickly realized that it was quite a big gash and she was going to need stitches. She couldn’t (wouldn’t?) … Continue reading

An open letter

Dear friends, acquaintances and random strangers, I am really trying to adapt to the culture here.  Which means, when you didn’t know I was pregnant and told me I was fat, I tried my hardest to just smile.  And when you asked me why I still had a belly when my baby was “already three … Continue reading

Just say no

Asking for directions on the streets of Beirut is a bit of a joke.  “They” say that if you need help getting somewhere, you should ask at least three people and if there are any similarities, follow those.  Problem is, you could ask three people and get three completely different sets of directions.  (Although I … Continue reading