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Groceries on your doorstep

Groceries on your doorstep

Lebanon is the land of delivery. You can order almost anything and have it delivered to your door. There’s the expected: pizza, McDonalds, sushi, mana2ish. Then there is everything else, ranging from the strange to “why didn’t I come up with that!”: dry cleaning, DVDs, a lady to wax your legs, a phlebotomist to draw … Continue reading

Luka’s Birth Story

This post is mostly for me… and maybe the 2-3 friends of mine who are doulas and interested in this kind of thing.  Dad, you definitely don’t want to read it.. and I imagine many of you will want to skip over this post as well.  Consider yourselves warned!  :) About a month before my … Continue reading

Delivery wishes – Birth plan

The purpose of this blog is to share our experience as a little American family living in Beirut.  I save work and ministry stories for our newsletters.  I upload bajillions of pictures of our girls on facebook.  But the blog is mostly for my thoughts and experiences related to life in Lebanon. This is one … Continue reading

Ruby’s Birth Day

I had an appointment on Wednesday, and even after a week with contractions, I hadn’t made any progress since my appointment a few days before. I wasn’t quite 38 weeks yet, so I felt like this baby was content to stay put for a while. So on Thursday, we had some friends come over for … Continue reading

Delivery wishes

I don’t think there is a pregnant woman in the world who isn’t wishing for a quick and easy delivery.  But, we wanted to share with you a little more why we are asking everyone to pray that this delivery is a by-the-book, smooth, and quick one. Quick disclaimer… the post will be kept PG, … Continue reading

A year ago today: October 18

So we all woke up early Sunday morning, and honestly things are a bit fuzzy from here.  All I remember is that the epidural wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.  I had tried to do lots of research and have realistic expectations and at the same time not to hold anything too tightly, … Continue reading

A year ago today: October 17

As we were chatting with people in the States last month, many were surprised to find out that I had a C-section with Isla, and I realized that we never really talked much about her birth. Part of that is because having a newborn leaves very little time for sitting and writing… any free time … Continue reading