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Lost in Translation – religious sentiments

  It’s not uncommon for vehicles to be sporting some sort of phrase.  Often a tribute to a martyr or a phrase defining one’s driving style take over a back windshield.  Probably most common, however, are the religious sentiments…. Advertisements

Second English

Even though she was born and raised in Lebanon, Isla’s first and strongest language is English. Honestly, we expected her to be both fluent in English and Arabic by this time.  We do live, after all, in an Arabic speaking country, and both her Daddy and I speak Arabic (though not fluently… yet! :)) There … Continue reading

Hi, kifak, ça va?

Having conversations in Beirut involves a unique mix of Arabic, English and even French.  It makes becoming fluent in Arabic in this city quite difficult… although it does make communicating easier.  People don’t even blink if you insert an English word in the middle of an Arabic sentence – which is generally what I do … Continue reading

Arabic… English… French… and Isla.

Isla is learning so much at school.  But sometimes things get a little lost in translation. We aren’t always even sure which language she is trying to sing in.  And even when we figure that out, it sometimes takes a few days or even weeks before we figure out what the song is.   The … Continue reading

Arabic, English and French, oh my!

Lebanese are known for being excellent linguists.  At the school Isla attends, they study English, French and formal Arabic starting at age 3.  It makes learning Arabic, in Beirut especially, difficult because so many people speak at least a little English. Even though Isla was born in Lebanon and has lived here her whole life, … Continue reading

Lost in Translation – Chili dog

We found a new restaurant to try – Hot Dog and Beyond, or something like that.  It wasn’t very good and was way to expensive for a hot dog. But we got a chuckle out of my Chili Cheese dog when it came out: Bun, dog, cheese sauce (yuck!  The menu said cheddar cheese!) and … Continue reading

Isla’s Arabic

While we were in the States, Isla’s English just exploded.  She went from two, maybe three word phrases to multiple sentences in a row.  Since we’ve been back, she’s been picking up a lot of Arabic as well.   What’s been really funny to me is Isla doesn’t let me speak any Arabic to her. … Continue reading