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FAQ: Do you feel safe?

After our whirlwind trip to the States for a banquet last fall, we wrote a newsletter answering some of the most frequently asked questions we received about life and ministry in Beirut. As we travel around the country this summer, we continue to answer some of the same questions… many of you blog readers don’t … Continue reading

FAQ: When will you be back in the States again?

Part of the work we do with our organization is called home assignment.  It’s basically the time we spend back “home” reconnecting with our family, friends, churches and supporters.  We do some debriefing with our organization and also attend a renewal conference and work on raising any additional support that we may need.  It’s also … Continue reading

FAQ: Do you have to dress differently?

When we were in the States last month, there were several questions that we got asked over and over again.  In our fall newsletter we answered some of them (Are you fluent? Do you feel safe?  How’s your support?), but wanted to answer the rest here. I know the picture in many minds when the … Continue reading