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Beirut’s best burger

There are dozens of different burger places in Beirut, but hands down my favorite burgers are at Shake Shack.  The ten year old chain started in Manhattan and now has two branches in Beirut – one in City Centre Mall, the other at ABC Ashrafieh. I’m no meat connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, … Continue reading

The snack plate

Ruby has always had a really hard time gaining weight.  Though she was the biggest of my three babies when she was born, she quickly fell to under 5% on the growth curve, at one point she had fallen off the chart completely.  She was diagnosed failure to thrive around a year, and though her … Continue reading

Isla’s Frozen party

I kind of have this rule about birthday parties… I learned pretty quickly that small kids could care less about how well the food matches the theme of a party and it’s just not worth the effort to be creative with party food for a 4 or 5 year old’s birthday. But as I was … Continue reading

Zaatar wo Zeit

Let’s just say Isla nearly cried when she found out there was no Zaatar wo Zeit in America. It’s her absolute favorite restaurant and there is nothing there that isn’t amazingly tasty! She requests it every week after church and it was one of our last meals out before coming to the States to the … Continue reading


American fast food has nothing on fast food in Lebanon. McDonalds and Taco Bell, move over for a juicy, hot, cheap, full of flavors shawarma sandwich. My favorite version is chicken.  A pile of chicken grilled all day on a spit… shaved off and put into a sandwich with garlic paste, fries and veggies. At … Continue reading


If there is anything that has become a staple in our diets since moving to Lebanon, it’s laban.  Basically it’s just plain yogurt…. a bit tart, sort of soupy and apparently very easy to make, although I haven’t tried making it myself yet. First, it (and it’s thicker version, lebne) started out as a replacement … Continue reading


At least once a day, Isla has asked to eat manaoushe for lunch.  Lebanese style pizza, usually eaten for breakfast, the girls in the family prefer cheese, but Caleb likes zaatar, a common spice mix with a strong thyme flavor. Our first apartment was right above a manaoushe shop, and the smells were beyond torturous.  … Continue reading

Summer blog series

Well, we’ve been in Colorado for two days now.  Working on getting over jet-lag (party at 2am anyone?) and re-assuring Isla that the neighbor’s garage door opening is not actually a bear. We’ve sufficiently overwhelmed ourselves by just one visit to Target and the girls have eaten their weight in blueberries and raspberries.  We’ve laughed … Continue reading

Farm fresh

I’ve never really been that much into nature.  Just after graduating high school, I was in a small village in Romania where everything we ate basically came from the backyard.  I managed the veggies and milk okay, but when we had chicken for dinner…. I nearly lost it (very privately of course so as not … Continue reading