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Culture Shock?

There are several stages of culture shock that we anticipate going through as we settle into life here in Lebanon.  From excitement over all the new sights, sounds, smells and tastes to questioning how in the world people can live like this, to acceptance, and eventually taking on and loving our new home and culture.  … Continue reading

a peak into our time in nc…

we’ve been out here in north carolina for the past couple of weeks… it’s been fun hanging out with friends and family, taking a couple trips to south carolina and the mountains.  the time has flown by!  here’s some pics from the last few weeks: caleb and evan working in the yard a trip to … Continue reading

another look at training so far

the view out our window of an incoming storm girl power at 8,300 feet (!?!?) caleb at his “muscle” at the summit this is for my mom – she’ll really appreciate it!  :) caleb learning how to take a bus to the bank more chinese :) fun times with new friends… …and yummy ice cream!!! … Continue reading

more goodbyes

seven days left in arizona. it’s so hard to believe. this past weekend our small group from church threw us a going away party. our first sunday in arizona all the small groups had tables in the church courtyard to sign up at, and we ended up joining the young couples group… it has been … Continue reading

the first of many

though the last couple of weeks we’ve been saying goodbye to our apartment and lots of our stuff, last night was the beginning of the real goodbyes. it’s a weird feeling because beirut is still several months away, so it doesn’t really seem like we are actually saying goodbye, but we only have 12 days … Continue reading