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Tis the season

I have a love / hate relationship with seasonal fruits here in Lebanon.  I hate that making fresh peach cobbler is impossible unless it’s August or September. But on the other hand, there is not much better than buying local, in-season fruit.  You can’t beat the prices and eating fruit that was picked just days … Continue reading

Not an artichoke

This is an artichoke. This is not. A couple weeks ago, a blogger friend of mine posted a picture of this fruit.  I’ve been seeing it everywhere, but always thought it was an artichoke!  A few days later another friend was asking me if we’d ever eaten them, so I thought it was high time … Continue reading

My brilliant idea three months too late

Fruits and vegetables in Lebanon are very seasonal.  We were actually a bit overwhelmed when we went to a grocery store in the States last month and saw ALL of the fruits available at the same time! We have wonderful fruits here during the summer… peaches, plums, cherries, strawberries… and all for a really good … Continue reading

The Mystery Fruit

I totally forgot to let you know the identity of our dessert from a few weeks ago… Here it is… Yep, it’s cactus! A little taste of Arizona in the middle of Lebanon…. now if we could just get a little taste of Mexico, life would be swell!