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Lost in Translation – religious sentiments

  It’s not uncommon for vehicles to be sporting some sort of phrase.  Often a tribute to a martyr or a phrase defining one’s driving style take over a back windshield.  Probably most common, however, are the religious sentiments…. Advertisements

Hi, kifak, ça va?

Having conversations in Beirut involves a unique mix of Arabic, English and even French.  It makes becoming fluent in Arabic in this city quite difficult… although it does make communicating easier.  People don’t even blink if you insert an English word in the middle of an Arabic sentence – which is generally what I do … Continue reading

Lost in Translation – Chili dog

We found a new restaurant to try – Hot Dog and Beyond, or something like that.  It wasn’t very good and was way to expensive for a hot dog. But we got a chuckle out of my Chili Cheese dog when it came out: Bun, dog, cheese sauce (yuck!  The menu said cheddar cheese!) and … Continue reading

Lost in Translation – the German edition

We’ve been enjoying lots of different foods while we’ve been in Germany.  Of course, the apple strudel and bratwurst like you would expect… but like any good overseas dwellers, we’ve gotten more excited about the most random things.  Blueberries!  Raspberries!  Lunch meat!  Tortellini! And this: If my high school German is serving me well, the … Continue reading

Lost in translation: Water to wine?

I realize this isn’t technically a lost in translation post, as the English is perfectly correct.  However it made us laugh.  Be honest, if you heard this description without knowing what it was, would water really come to your mind??? (in case the picture isn’t clear enough:  “Enjoy Nestle Pure Life that has a smooth … Continue reading

Lost in Translation: the anti-hair

Most shampoos come with high promises of fixing damaged hair, restoring your color and adding that extra shine.  But here’s a shampoo for those of you who actually hate hair! Introducing, the anti-hair shampoo!!!