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The Taco Liberty Bell

I always have fun April Fools’ ideas, but never actually do anything with them.  I’m waiting for all the “I’m pregnant… just kidding” or whatever posts on facebook today…. But most will have a hard time topping these AWESOME pranks! Advertisements

Lost in Translation – copyright laws

This is a great band here in Beirut… they write, perform and record all their own praise music in Arabic.  I really like them.  They just came out with a new CD, and the copyright made me laugh a bit: “All rights for the production of the recorded work reserved, and it won’t be all … Continue reading

Big compliment?

Today in my art class (more on that later), we had some Americans visiting.  So, I offered to translate all the directions for them.  A few minutes into the class, one of the girls looked at me and said (very slowly and deliberately), “you – speak – very – good – English!” Uh, thanks?  :) … Continue reading


funniest thing ever just happened. i’m sitting at a coffee shop by a little lake, and the sprinklers are on. there’s free internet here so there are a bunch of people sitting outside on computers (me included). so a duck walks by and decides to take a little shower in one of the sprinklers. he … Continue reading