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Delivery wishes – Birth plan

The purpose of this blog is to share our experience as a little American family living in Beirut.  I save work and ministry stories for our newsletters.  I upload bajillions of pictures of our girls on facebook.  But the blog is mostly for my thoughts and experiences related to life in Lebanon. This is one … Continue reading

Sunday 11:56pm

On Thursday, Ruby’s bilirubin levels had spiked again, so we were re-admitted to the hospital.  A good friend mentioned to us that we didn’t have to stick with the doctor the hospital assigned, so now Isla’s doctor, who we LOVE, is taking care of Ruby.  She was under the lights for about 24 hours, which … Continue reading

View from the pediatric unit

We headed back to the hospital the next day (Easter Sunday) to get Ruby’s bilirubin levels checked. They had sky-rocketed over night and she had to be admitted to the hospital for phototherapy. The hospital-assigned-pediatrician explained absolutely nothing to us (and that is all I will say about that woman, because there is not a … Continue reading

Healthcare in Lebanon

Since becoming pregnant, I’ve had lots of people ask about (and express concern about!) what the doctor/hospital situation is like here.  Thought I’d share a bit of my experience this week, because it was such a surprise to me!  Now I have no idea if this story is just the way my doctor/hospital runs, or … Continue reading