Isla in June

Isla in June

Isla at 20 months does not stop talking.  Ever.  As we’ve all been sharing one room for the past three-ish weeks, we’ve discovered that Isla also talks in her sleep!  It’s really fun to hear her try out her language – building sentences and testing out new words.  She’s using two, three and a few four word sentences right now and a lot of her words are getting much clearer.  It’s kind of sad, because she’s fixed the pronunciation of some of my favorite words.  “Shjoo-joos” is now just “shoes,” and “oich” is very clearly “fish.”

She can spell her name and count to ten (seven is the cutest: sevey).  She actually thinks that if she counts to three, anything she wants to happen will happen.  She’s all done in the car?  She’ll count to three as if that means she’ll get out right then.

Isla loves to draw – mostly hearts.  Give her a piece of paper and a pen and she’s happily occupied for a good ten minutes (which I think is pretty much a record for her).  The only thing she can spend more time doing is watching videos of herself… “Watch moi IYA!”

She loves to run and jump and walk backwards and just did a somersault today.  She’s ridiculously active.  Talkative and active.  We’re tired.  :)

My big girl has decided this week that she is done nursing.  Yep, she’s been breastfeeding for 20 months and just woke up one morning and decided she was done.  And hasn’t looked back.  I had always heard that kids often wean themselves like that, but couldn’t really imagine it.  Now I know.

Isla is desperate to use the potty.  She announces any time she’s filling her diaper by telling anyone who is in earshot, “poo poo!  All done, poo poo!”  We’re trying to hold off on potty training her, because of all the traveling we’re doing this summer… seriously, can you imagine a recently trained child on a 9 hour flight??  Yeah, me either.

Isla is developing quite the sense of humor.  At least she cracks herself up.  She’ll tell herself “jokes” and then bust out with the funniest fake laugh.  Okay, so we think it’s pretty funny, too, even though we don’t get the joke.

And, because the internet here in America is ridiculously fast, here are a few videos of Isla this month…

Isla and the imaginary ants on the trail:

Isla telling jokes in the car:

It’s never too cold for ice cream:

Isla in April, part 2

Isla in April, part 2

Can’t miss my once a month opportunity to unabashedly brag on my ball, baby, animal, book, Elmo, Barney, car, outside-loving 18 month old!

Isla is quite smart, if you ask me :)  She’s learned to recognize a few letters, and in the bath last night she was playing with her foam letters and numbers.  She held up an E, and when I said “ee” she looked at it a bit funny, and then turned it on it’s side and proudly announced… “M!”

She loves to share… other kids’ toys.  Like I mentioned last month, she’s really concerned about what belongs to who.  At play group on Tuesday, she followed a little guy around for a good half hour.  She found his water bottle on the ground… gave it to him…. he took one drink and put it back on the ground… she picks it up and gives it back…. rinse, repeat.  Now if someone were to pick up HER water, she’d let the whole world know she wasn’t happy about it with an “AYA! AM!!”  (translation: “That’s Isla’s!  Help!!”).

In the afternoons when I’m with the girls, Isla exercises with Daddy.  She loves doing push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups… especially pull-ups which she will do anywhere she can find a bar, table or rail to pull up on.

(sorry to all my facebook friends for the picture repeats! :))

By far Isla’s favorite thing to do is play with her friends.  Every morning and multiple times throughout the day we go through the list of all her friends and who she is going to get to see that day.  It’s actually a great motivator for her… “Isla, you have to take a nap if you want to see Mia today” or “You have to get in your stroller if you want to go play with the girls!”

Some of my favorite Isla words right now are woya (robot), mim (milk), rawr (lion), ibby (Itsy Bitsy Spider), ameeya (airplane), and her most used word of all time: BITES!  (what can I say, this child loves food.  Seriously.  There is nothing (except eggs) that Isla won’t eat. Eggplant, mmm.  Spicy Pringle chips, mmm. Garlic, mmm. Pumpkin kibbe with spinach and chickpeas, mmm. We got super lucky with this little girl! :))

Isla in March

Isla in March

Isla has been sick for the past week or so, which is why this 17 month update is a little late.  It’s the first time she’s been sick – besides a few little colds – and she’s quite the baby about it.  The child who will eat anything burst into tears when I put her bowl of oatmeal in front of her.  And the child who fights sleep like it’s her job has been asking for two naps in a day!!!

Aside from being sick, Isla’s vocab has just exploded this past month.  I’m past making lists of all of her words, but a few of my favorites are oh dear! manya (medicine), and applesauce.  Oh, and “nice!” which she says every morning when she sees our new couch.

Isla and every pillow she could grab on the new “nice!”

She’s started to figure out and is really concerned about possession.  She is constantly naming things and who they belong to.  All the waters on the table for example:  Isla, Mama, Da, Isla, Mama, Da….  She can also be really particular if somebody has something that doesn’t belong to them.  You just try to carry my purse and Isla will be quick to let you know that it is not ok!

She loves to color, play outside and loves to sing.  “Jack in the Box” is still her all-time favorite song, but “Row row row your boat” is a close second.  She’s also discovered TV and asks to “watch” often.  Thankfully she gets bored after about 10 minutes and wants to play.

ancient cannon?  perfect for “row row row your boat!”

She loves animals.  We go on walks meowing at cats and feed the birds on our balcony.  She gets excited about wearing diapers that have dogs or cats on them and really annoyed at the ones with caterpillars or kids.

She’s obsessed with and slightly confused about snow after our quick visit a few weeks ago.  She’ll talk about it randomly and I finally figured out she thinks the puffy white clouds are snow.  Still working on that one.  :)

My mom taught her how to count while she was in town… so whenever someone leaves the room, Isla will start counting (with a pointed finger :)) until they return.

So, until next month… one… one…one…. (okay, that is the only number she knows…)

Oh and it’s Mother’s Day today, so I’m sticking myself in one of the pics! :)  Happy Mother’s Day and happy 17 months, Isla Marie!!

Isla in February

Isla in February

It seems as each day goes by, Isla is less and less of a baby and more and more a toddler. Can’t believe how big our girl is getting (almost 23 pounds and 31.5 inches to be exact!) She’s officially down to one nap a day, and has become quite a good little sleeper (12+ hours each night and a 2-3 hour nap… Praise the Lord, is all I can say about that!).

I know at some point, we’ll have to stop keeping a list of all her words, but she still has few enough that we can count. She’s got a handful of names down – besides Dadda and Mom, she says Iiiiiii (Isla), Amal, Hawraa, Hat (Hayat), Yum (Youmna), and Joe. The rest of her new words seem really really random: tiptoe, waa (water), hat, heart, E-I-E-I-O, dow (light in Arabic), no-no-no. I might be missing some, those are the ones I can remember right now.

She’s a super active girl. She loves to run, jump, skip, spin and dance. And she loves to sing. She knows the motions to her favorite songs and will ask to sing them over and over again. Sometimes she’ll put her baby on her lap and use the baby’s hands to do the motions as well. It’s too cute. She also loves to have her baby or bear sit next to her while she is eating so she can feed them. Actually, this isn’t limited to just babies and bears. Apparently cars and books like to eat and drink milk too!

I’m amazed at how much she is able to transfer – like, she learned what a heart was because she has hearts on her jammies. But the other day we were out walking and she saw one grafitti’ed on the side of a wall and said “heart!” Or she watched Barney once and we sang the I Love You song a few times. Days later, she found a Barney story book and pointed to a picture of Barney and made her “I want to sing” sign. It’s incredible how much their little brains can process!

The other day our playgroup was canceled because of rain (???), so we had a free morning. We went to a big indoor playplace north of Beirut. Usually those places are pretty pricey by the hour, but this one is free for under 18 monthers. We had the place all to ourselves and Isla had so much fun. That was a super long intro for this “Isla in February” video:

Isla in January

Isla in January

Isla is currently obsessed with body parts.  She is constantly pointing to different places on her body and asking, “dat?”  She doesn’t read her books anymore.  After she finds all the dogs and cats in any given story, she starts pointing out all the eyes, noses and mouths… which are actually three of her new words this month.

It seems like over the past month, she has become quite the chatterbox.  She’s never been a big babbler, but she is constantly “talking” these days.  She’s picked up quite a few new words as well: eyes, nose, mouth, neck, up, out, amal (one of the girls), no dad, and…….. mama!  (Although, when she says mom, half the time she is pointing to herself… I don’t care, I’ll take it!)  So add those to her repertoire of bites, ball, bye-bye and daddy, and she has quite the handful of words!

chatting away…

She doesn’t like to see people sleeping, or even with their eyes closed.  She gets a really concerned look on her face and whines while she points the sleeper out.  Even a sleeping baby in one of her books gets this silly reaction.

She’s discovered that if she hurts herself she gets a hug and a kiss that makes everything better.  She will pretend to fall or run into a wall and then come running over, patting her head/arm/foot/whatever is “hurt” and fake cry until she gets a kiss.  She also loves family hugs!

I made myself a promise never to post bathroom details as my facebook status, but this is a blog, so it doesn’t count.  Plus, it’s a blog post devoted entirely to shameless bragging about our daugher, so it fits… Isla poops on the toilet!  Not always (not even close!)… but when she is taking a bath.  She thinks she’s the smartest thing ever when she does… and I do too!  She stands up in the bath, pats her bottom, makes an icky face and points to the toilet.  I sit her down and voila!  What can I say??  She’s so smart!

I planned to end this update with Isla’s fifteen month stats, but considering I haven’t even mader her appointment yet, that’s not gonna happen.  So instead, here’s a video of Isla feeding her baby.  :)

Isla in December

Isla in December

bites, Bites, BITES!  This is Isla’s favorite and by far her most used word.  She hasn’t added any other new words this month, but is chattering in “Isla language” a lot more.

She loves singing songs that have motions…  “10 little Islas jumping on the bed”… “If you’re happy and you know it”…  but her favorite song right now is one that she learned in play group.  It’s called Jack in the Box, and the first motion is making your hands into a roof over your head.  She does this by putting two fingers together in a triangle, and she is basically wanting to sing that song 24/7.  Even as she was falling asleep last night she had her little hands in the Jack in the box sign.  Melt. my. heart.

She loves to hold hands and say grace before we eat, but her favorite part is the “amen” which is accompanied by a scream and “touchdown” hands.

I can bribe her into doing almost anything by telling her we’ll put socks on.

She’s added more body parts to her repertoire – head, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, ear, tongue, belly, hands, fingers, feet and toes, and she can point most of those out on other people too.  She is always constantly amazing us with the things she can point out in her books… cat, mouse, dog, horse, baby, etc.  She’s a smart lil cookie.

She loves pillows.  No pillow is safe with Isla in the room.  That pillow under your head?  She wants it.  The pillow that she can’t reach on the couch?  She’ll grab your hand/face/leg/whatever body part she can reach and pull it over to the pillow so you can get it for her.  She loves to play with pillows.

She’s never been super outgoing with strangers, but she seems to be really warming up – especially to other kids.  This is a bit of a relief, because everywhere we go people talk to her and want to get pictures of/with her, and it doesn’t seem to bother her much anymore.

I promised this month’s Isla update would be shorter… I think I only barely kept my word.  :)