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Trying out Turkish/Arabic Coffee

Being the one of this pair who likes coffee, I wanted to share a little photo introduction to one way of making it that I really enjoy.  Coffee, Arab-style: . . First, put the grounds in the kettle (one heaping teaspoon per cup, ground into dust) and sugar if you’d like. Add water for previously … Continue reading

Two-plus Weeks

We’re ankle deep in flash cards.  Not knee deep yet.  But at this rate, I’m sure we will be soon.  Language school (“how-to-communicate-class” as I try to think of it) is where we have spent a lot of our time over the last week.  Today in class, I was so surprised to realize that I … Continue reading

change in plans?

If you’ve been watching the news at all over the last couple days, I’d imagine this question may have come to your mind concerning us and our plans. Let me just say up front: Our plans right now remain unchanged. We are still hoping to be in Beirut by mid-September starting language studies. Does the … Continue reading

spring 4-wheeling

In a last ditch effort to try to help Nicolette gain a new appreciation for the beloved Sonoran Desert…I thought I’d take her on a short little “photography” trip to see the “wildflowers” in the desert last weekend. There are, supposedly, a few flowers left which makes for a bit of “girl appeal” in an … Continue reading

A quick little update

for some reason, the government here has blocked wordpress, so thanks so much, mom, for posting this for us! sorry we haven’t been posting as often as we would have liked… either we’ve had internet access but no time, or when we did have time, no access! and now, internet access, but our blog is … Continue reading

arrived! shwarma and a taste of Amman

Welp, we’re here in Amman, staying at the Abjar Hotel…a great hotel (and you can check it out on Google if that strikes your fancy!).  We arrived Thursday morning and jumped into getting to know our friends here, the work at JETS (Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary), and the story of the churches.  Sweet. Last night, … Continue reading

a little more about the “old” guy (see previous post)

His name is J. Dudley Woodberry, professor of Islamic studies at Fuller Theological Seminary, and his visit to Dallas Theological Seminary was timely, to say the least. The title of his message in chapel that Thursday in November was “The Fullness of time for Muslims.” The question he asked concerned how Jesus would cross socio-politico-cultural … Continue reading

no fear?

A few weeks ago, we watched the movie “A Mighty Heart.” It’s the true story of American journalist Daniel Pearl working in Pakistan, who was kidnapped by extremists and brutally beheaded. It’s an excellent movie – with a really good message – about a terrible event. picture currently unavailable By far the most common question … Continue reading

back from CO

After a two-day 900 mile race to Littleton, CO in a Jeep Wrangler, I was pumped. Then, after two hours and fifty-six questions ranging from conflict in our marriage to what our definition of the word “impute” was…and finding out five minutes later that we were accepted, I was pumped. After two weeks of orientation … Continue reading