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Unanswered Lost questions…

We love love love the show Lost.  I actually started watching it when it first came on, because it aired right after Alias.  We recently finished watching the final season on DVD… I know we are a bit behind, but hey, we do live in Lebanon. I know a lot of people were annoyed because … Continue reading

Culture Shock?

There are several stages of culture shock that we anticipate going through as we settle into life here in Lebanon.  From excitement over all the new sights, sounds, smells and tastes to questioning how in the world people can live like this, to acceptance, and eventually taking on and loving our new home and culture.  … Continue reading

the first year

so today was a slightly frustrating day… caleb and i drove all over town trying to sell clothes, books, cds, shoes… i think we spent more on gas than we actually made. so instead of complaining :), i started dreaming a bit about our first year in beirut! our first year (at least!) will be … Continue reading

anyone out there not LOST yet???

This is great – if you don’t think you have time to watch the past 3 seasons in the next 11 days, this is for you. Or, if you just need a fun refresher, check this out. BUT (Mom!) if you are planning on packing in all three seasons :) before the premiere on Jan … Continue reading