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ready for home

we moved out of our apartment in arizona back in june.  since then we’ve been staying with friends, family, people we’d never met…  although it was great to spend so much time with our families, three months without having our own ‘home’ is really starting to get to me. please pray that we find a … Continue reading

a new blog!

i love blogs. i like to write them, but i love reading them even more.  i have a list of friends’ blogs that i check regularly (some are listed on the sidebar below, if you are interested), and sometimes i go to the wordpress homepage and find an interesting tag… usually something like autism or … Continue reading

today’s the day!

it’s hard to believe that today is finally here… we are actually moving to beirut!  we leave from raleigh at 2ish, have a six hour layover in chicago, fly overnight to london, and then it’s on to lebanon! thanks SOOOO much for all your prayers!  we feel so covered – it’s amazing.  a couple of … Continue reading

more goodbyes

seven days left in arizona. it’s so hard to believe. this past weekend our small group from church threw us a going away party. our first sunday in arizona all the small groups had tables in the church courtyard to sign up at, and we ended up joining the young couples group… it has been … Continue reading

the first of many

though the last couple of weeks we’ve been saying goodbye to our apartment and lots of our stuff, last night was the beginning of the real goodbyes. it’s a weird feeling because beirut is still several months away, so it doesn’t really seem like we are actually saying goodbye, but we only have 12 days … Continue reading

GaRaGe SaLe!!!

we are having a monster multi-family yard sale this saturday morning… at caleb’s dad’s house… on power rd. between queen creek and chandler heights. furniture, electronics, home decor, clothes and more! come buy our stuff! posted by: nicolette

Packed. Sort of.

We signed the inspection papers on our apartment yesterday. We got the last of our things out and then cleaned like madmen (or madwomen??) and got our little Los Arboles apartment spotless. Maintenance passed it with flying colors, thanked us for leaving the place so clean, and then we handed over the keys. And then … Continue reading

stacks and piles, piles and stacks

this week has been all about the stacks.  we’ve been working our way through our apartment, dividing our stuff into four stacks: what to sell, what to give to my sister, what to take to beirut, and what we can’t take but don’t really want to get rid of.  it’s been surprising, the stuff i … Continue reading