God’s strange ways

God’s strange ways

sometimes the way God answers prayer and chooses to provide is weird.

a couple months ago, we were flying from dallas to phoenix.  as the plane was taking off, it became obvious to me that something was wrong.  one of the engines was shaking and the plane leveled off at a pretty low altitude.  i started getting really nervous – and i think my anxiety was compounded by the fact that everyone else was just talking and laughing… and i KNEW that something was wrong.  the pilot made some turns and it seemed like he was testing out the engines.  after what seemed like an eternity, he finally came on the intercom and told us we were heading back to the airport because he was “uncomfortable with the equipment he was flying.”  as we were landing, i could see the firetrucks waiting for us at the end of the runway, just in case.  nothing serious happened, but since then, i’ve found myself getting really nervous during take-offs… not good for a girl traveling all over the country and the world.

last week we were flying from phoenix to atlanta, and once again i found myself getting really nervous as we headed towards the airport and started to board.  i took some nyquil, thinking maybe i could just sleep throught the take-off, but it didn’t really work.  i think i was too anxious to sleep.  i’d been praying all day that the Lord would calm my nerves, that every creak and groan of the plane would not bring on an anxiety attack… and He answered.  by having us sit next to a flight attendant.

totally random, i know.  she had just finished working on private flight for some nfl team and was headed home – still in her uniform and everything.  we chatted for a bit… i told her about my newfound nervousness.  she wasn’t fazed at all by my scary little airplane story, which was comforting in a weird sort of way.  she was sitting on the aisle, and i found myself watching her whenever i felt a bump or heard a noise.  and she just sat there reading her magazine.  i think i figured that if something was really wrong – she of all people would be aware and would probably jump up to help out.  so it was strangely calming… she was almost acting (totally unaware, of course) as my constant throughout the flight, and i have to say it was the least nervous i have been since our little incident in dallas.

strange how God answers prayers and provides for our needs… but hey, i’ll take it!

posted by: nicolette