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Top ten blog posts

I’ll share my favorite blogs soon, but today’s list are my top ten favorite blog posts of 2012.   Some are from blogs I’ve been reading for a while, others are blogs I don’t normally read but stumbled across via facebook or a news article or who knows how else.  Some are funny, some are challenging, … Continue reading

It takes a village

For those of you who know me at all, you know that orphan care has been a passion of mine since I was young… it’s a big reason why we are even here in Lebanon. One of the ways of dealing with the ever-growing crisis of children without families is through adoption.  Some friends of … Continue reading

The Mommy Wars

I breastfed Isla for nearly two years and hope to go at least as long with Ruby.  We use disposable diapers.  I make our own baby food and we don’t start solids until six months old.  Isla had ice cream for lunch the other day.  I baby wear.  Our babies sleep in their own beds … Continue reading

an adoption story… the beginning

As most of you know, orphan ministry is a passion I have had since December 1991 when I saw a video my dad took inside a Romanian orphanage. I’ve spent numerous summers working as an intern for different orphan care organizations in both Romania and India, and am looking forward to continuing to serve abandoned … Continue reading