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Vacationing with a TCK

Vacationing with a TCK

Every month we send out a picture of the month update.  Our August update about our vacation got a lot of responses from friends of ours who also live overseas and are raising Third Culture Kids.  I thought I’d share it here too, as it’s a better forum to dialogue and share ideas (though most … Continue reading

Fail proof potty training

There is not an aspect of parenting that I dread more than potty training.  It stresses me out and frustrates me more than growth spurts, nightmares, separation anxiety and cluster feeding all put together.  And really I can’t complain… I’ve had it pretty easy when it comes to potty training.  But it still makes me … Continue reading

An open letter

Dear friends, acquaintances and random strangers, I am really trying to adapt to the culture here.  Which means, when you didn’t know I was pregnant and told me I was fat, I tried my hardest to just smile.  And when you asked me why I still had a belly when my baby was “already three … Continue reading

On Motherhood

I was reading an article in The Daily Star, one of Lebanon’s online news sites, about unlicensed day cares in Lebanon.  Apparently there are quite a few of them and they were all given six months to get a permit to operate legally.  The point of the article was that even though the six month … Continue reading


The way that children are treated here in Lebanon is much different than back in the States.  Our parenting style often feels completely opposite to the way children are raised here.  Ultimately we all have the same goals… we just seem to go about it in very different ways.  The way people interact with children … Continue reading

The Mommy Wars

I breastfed Isla for nearly two years and hope to go at least as long with Ruby.  We use disposable diapers.  I make our own baby food and we don’t start solids until six months old.  Isla had ice cream for lunch the other day.  I baby wear.  Our babies sleep in their own beds … Continue reading