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Stop #1: North Carolina

After 24 long, long hours of travel (which could have been worse, but could have been lots better!), we finally arrived in Raleigh on Friday afternoon.  Isla only slept about 5 hours on the trip, so she was exhausted when we arrived, crashed, and slept until 6 am!  So, the time zone adjustment has actually … Continue reading

And we’re off!

We’re headed to the airport in a bit to begin our whirlwind trip to the States.  We have about 24 hours from when we leave our apartment until we arrive in North Carolina… assuming we have no delays or anything on the way. We’d appreciate your prayers as we travel… … for safe, uneventful flights … Continue reading

home sweet home: updated

so the contract signing got moved to tomorrow (friday) at noon.  Lord willing we’ll have keys in hand and be able to move in on monday… we’ll let you know! :) posted by: nicolette

home sweet home?

we have an appointment tomorrow at 4 to sign a contract on an apartment! it’s a cute little place – it’s a bit smaller than we were hoping to find, but it’s furnished very nicely (which also means it has a fridge, oven, etc), is only 5 minutes walk from the church/language school, and is … Continue reading

the apartment that wasn’t

we had a bit of a disappointing day today.  we had two appointments to go look at apartments… finally!  they were both within walking distance from the church, good-sized, and reasonably priced.  we were on our way out the door when we got a call telling us our appointments had been canceled.  it seems that … Continue reading

getting the week started off right

in church this morning we were actually able to follow along with the worship songs… maybe by next week we’ll actually be able to sing along!  :) a couple of prayer requests for this week: 1. we are still looking for an apartment.  we have had a couple of leads but so far nothing has … Continue reading

ready for home

we moved out of our apartment in arizona back in june.  since then we’ve been staying with friends, family, people we’d never met…  although it was great to spend so much time with our families, three months without having our own ‘home’ is really starting to get to me. please pray that we find a … Continue reading