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Brussel sprouts to the rescue!

Brussel sprouts to the rescue!

We are definitely in the “seriously how is it not summer yet” phase of life.  Isla actually cried about having to do her Arabic homework the other night, which if you know her at all is a pretty obvious clue that she’s done for the year. When I’m in a good rhythm I plan our … Continue reading

Dreamsicle ice cream: an almost summer’s treat

Dreamsicle ice cream: an almost summer’s treat

Winter is officially over, and I’m pretty sure we skipped over spring.  But the seasonal fruits and veggies didn’t get the message.  Strawberry season is just ending, so we’re stuck eating unripened almonds and plums (which for some odd reason, Lebanese love) while we wait for the bounty of summer fruits… peaches, cherries, watermelon… I’m … Continue reading

Thin Mint ice cream

I gained a lot a lot a lot of weight when I was pregnant with the girls.  With Luka, I gained about half as much as I did with Ruby.  No clue why, but hey, I’ll take it! Most of the weight has melted off pretty easily, but I’m still hanging on to that last … Continue reading

Horchata ice cream

My new ice cream maker has been one of the best things ever this summer! For about two years now, we’ve been trying to eat clean… basically no processed foods which leaves out white sugar, flour, oils and basically anything that comes in a package.  But we aren’t crazy strict with it.  When we go … Continue reading

Fall in Beirut

Sietske has some great posts showcasing the amazing colors of Lebanon in the fall. But in the middle of Beirut, the changing of the seasons is much more subtle.  The wind off the sea is no longer hot, but a cool, refreshing breeze.  The AC is no longer necessary and we leave our windows and … Continue reading

Freezer meal recipes

Since my last post, I finished stocking the freezer… thought I’d share some of the recipes for the meals currently overflowing from our not-super-large freezer.  :) I had to make some changes… no pork, for example, and I actually don’t really follow measurements very exactly… so these are more like guidelines.  :)  But maybe you’ll … Continue reading

engryah recipe…. sahtein!

I recently confirmed my long suspected love of eggplant. Thought I’d share the recipe with you in case you want to try something different for dinner tonight.  It’s not technically a Lebanese dish, I think its Iraqi actually, but we have something similar.  It’s super yummy! Ingredients: 1 lb. stew beef or lamb (I used … Continue reading