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Ruby by the month – 18 months

I haven’t done Ruby by the month pictures since her first birthday, but I just happened to mention to Isla that Ruby was turning 18 months on Sunday and she got so excited to take a picture. Of course, big sister wanted to hold a sign too.  :) Ruby at 18 months is such a … Continue reading

Ruby by the month – 11 months

Ruby is such a joy.  At 11 months, she’s finally doubled her birthweight, weighing in at a whopping 17 p0unds.  She’s fitting into her 9 month clothes now, although mostly still wearing 6 month stuff. She blows kisses when we say it’s time to go nigh-night, waves bye-bye like a spaz whenever we even get … Continue reading

Ruby by the month – 10 months

Ruby’s had a busy month developmentally.  She’s working on two more teeth and officially has said her first word.  She waves bye-bye, claps whenever she hears music (even if no one else can hear it), plays the most adorable game of peek-a-boo, and fake cries like it’s her job.  She blows air kisses by making … Continue reading

Ruby by the month – 9 months

We were sitting at dinner this evening when I realized I never did Ruby’s nine month picture… ooops!  (and double oops, I wrote this three days ago and just realized I never posted it!) Ruby at nine months is so much fun.  She’s pulling up on everything but too much of a chicken to actually … Continue reading

Ruby by the month – 7 months

It’s been a rough stretch for Ruby.  After what’s seemed like months of teething, she finally cut her two bottom teeth.  But not without many sleepless (screaming!) nights, fever, and crankiness.  Hopefully she’ll get a break before her next tooth, because this poor baby does not teeth well! But besides those miserable little teeth, our … Continue reading

Ruby by the month – 6 months

I’ve got two strikes against me this month: 1) This post is nearly a week late. 2) My cute little “I am _ months” sign…. yeah, apparently 5 months was the last time that was gonna work.   Finally got some stats for our little peanut.  She’s 14 pounds and 26 inches.   Tall and skinny … Continue reading

Ruby by the month – 5 months

  Our little Rubester is a mover!  She’s been army crawling for a few weeks now, which means no toy of Isla’s is safe if it’s in Ruby’s sight.  It also makes my dusty floors all the more obvious when a baby in a white onesie is scooting across them all day.  :P  And the … Continue reading

Ruby by the month – 4 months

I can’t believe Ruby is already four months.  No semblance of a newborn here, she is an all out baby now.  I have no idea how big she is… poor second child won’t have her 4 month check-up til she’s 5.5 months old.  My bad. She really is the happiest little baby.  She’s a champion … Continue reading