Ruby by the month – 18 months

Ruby by the month – 18 months

I haven’t done Ruby by the month pictures since her first birthday, but I just happened to mention to Isla that Ruby was turning 18 months on Sunday and she got so excited to take a picture.

DSC_0756 - Version 2

Of course, big sister wanted to hold a sign too.  :)


Ruby at 18 months is such a joy.  She loves babies, cats, cheese, shoes and her sister.  She is such a copycat right now, which is adorable when she’s trying to talk and sing.  But it doesn’t end there.  We often notice at dinner that she is copying Isla’s every move.  Isla puts her fork down on her plate, Ruby puts her fork on her plate.  Isla scratches her eyebrow, Ruby scratches her eyebrow.


Ruby is our little mommy – super sensitive and very caring.  She can’t stand when Isla is upset or in trouble.  And if Ruby gets in trouble, she’ll sit with the most pitiful look on her face, bottom lip sticking out until someone gives her a hug to make it all better.  She loves to snuggle and cuddle.

She’s quite the talker.  Isla and baby are by far her most used words, followed by Mommy and milk.  We spend the first half hour of every day walking through the house looking for Isla and having the same conversation.  “Isla?  Schoooool!”  She’s a bit confused about what school actually means…  I asked her the other day where her water cup was and her reply was, “schooooool!”  She loves to read books and gets ridiculously excited by any picture of a baby, a cat or Isla.  She also loves singing and dancing.  Itsy bitsy spider is one of her favorites, although she’s also quite a fan of Gangnam style.  (Just super.)

I feel like in the past month or two, she’s lost whatever bit of baby she had left…. our Ruby is in full on toddler mode these days!


Ruby by the month – 11 months

Ruby by the month – 11 months

ruby by the month

Ruby is such a joy.  At 11 months, she’s finally doubled her birthweight, weighing in at a whopping 17 p0unds.  She’s fitting into her 9 month clothes now, although mostly still wearing 6 month stuff.

She blows kisses when we say it’s time to go nigh-night, waves bye-bye like a spaz whenever we even get close to the front door, and is becoming a much more confident walker.  She has figured out how to put on other people’s shoes, talks on the phone (or anything resembling – or not – a phone), and loves to brush her teeth.  She loves to rock her baby, clap and dance to the music and read books.  She’s also a big fan of eating paper and messing up nicely folded piles of laundry.

She has two words: hi & Isla (which sounds like I-da and is generally shouted).  She is quite the chatterbox and is very adamant about the things she thinks she is telling us.

Ruby has finally figured out that she can make us laugh and is enjoying all the attention her silly faces and noises bring.  She’s so social.  If someone is holding another baby, she’ll crawl right up in her lap to make sure she’s getting some attention too.

We often talk about how different Ruby is from her big sister.  While our type A, first born absolutely loves having rules to follow, Ruby will go back to the forbidden fruit in our house over and over and over again.  She’s not cautious at all – climbing on stools and tables, going up stairs and sliding head first down the slide if I don’t catch her quick enough.

She’s also a little snuggle bug.  If she’s tired, she’ll cuddle in close, stick her thumb in her mouth and go to sleep.  Wherever we are. (ahhhhhh! bliss!)  However, don’t even think about trying to share a room with Ruby.  She’ll find you wherever you try to hide and wake you up for her 3 am party! (which she magically sleeps through if she’s alone in the room…..)

Can’t believe our little baby is just weeks away from turning 1…. time, please, stand still!!!


Ruby by the month – 10 months

Ruby by the month – 10 months

ruby by the month 10 final

Ruby’s had a busy month developmentally.  She’s working on two more teeth and officially has said her first word.  She waves bye-bye, claps whenever she hears music (even if no one else can hear it), plays the most adorable game of peek-a-boo, and fake cries like it’s her job.  She blows air kisses by making smooching sounds and has started smacking her lips when she wants to eat.  She loves reading books, playing with cars, and goes spastic when she sees piles of folded laundry (that don’t stay folded for very long!)  Her favorite game at the moment is “sharing” or “see how many times Mom and I can pass this one toy back and forth” (my patience for this game always runs out before hers).

Oh ya, she took her first steps too.

Ruby by the month – 9 months

Ruby by the month – 9 months

We were sitting at dinner this evening when I realized I never did Ruby’s nine month picture… ooops!  (and double oops, I wrote this three days ago and just realized I never posted it!)



Ruby 9 months

Ruby at nine months is so much fun.  She’s pulling up on everything but too much of a chicken to actually try taking steps.  She loves to eat and is finally able to feed herself little pieces of food off her tray.  She actually likes drinking water even more and will sit in her chair with her hands in front of her yelling “ooh ooh ooh” until you give her the cup.  Actually we call her our little Harry Potter because if she sees something she wants she’ll put her little hand out like she is casting a spell and waiting for whatever it is to come to her.  She’s been crawling since she was 4.5 months, so she’s perfectly capable of going and getting what she wants, but she still just sits with her hand out.  It’s really cute.  She’s a really content baby.  She’s super social but she also is happy to sit and play by herself.  Still a great sleeper, although we’ve discovered that trying to get her to share a room with anyone (Isla or us) is a nightmare.  So she’ll be sleeping in the pack n play in the office for a few more months at least.  She really is a great baby and we are blessed to have her in our family!

Ruby by the month – 7 months

Ruby by the month – 7 months

It’s been a rough stretch for Ruby.  After what’s seemed like months of teething, she finally cut her two bottom teeth.  But not without many sleepless (screaming!) nights, fever, and crankiness.  Hopefully she’ll get a break before her next tooth, because this poor baby does not teeth well!

But besides those miserable little teeth, our Ruby is as happy and sweet as ever.  This past month she’s learned to wave “hi,” she dances, and she plays the cutest little game of peek-a-boo.  She puts her arm up on her forehead… hasn’t quite figured out how to cover her eyes yet, and waits with the cutest little grin for someone to shout, “peek-a-boo!”

She loooves her food.  Even the things that she’s not crazy about (peas), she chows down on.  Although you know for sure when you are giving her something she loves, because she says “mmm” with every bite!

Last week, we moved Ruby’s crib out of our room into Isla’s.  We’re still working on the transition, trying to figure out who needs to go to sleep first and who is waking who up to play in the middle of the night.  She’s spent the past two nights in the pack n play in the office, which might be where she is for a few more weeks or months.

She’s still a little peanut… just now fitting into some of her 6 month clothes, though her 3-6 mos still fit just fine!  We’re guessing her hair is going to be light brown… it’s definitely darker than Isla’s.  At least the very little bit that she has!

She’s obsessed with shoes and books, but most of all her big sister… love how much they love each other!