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Perspectives on safety

Perspectives on safety

I was at a play place a few weeks ago chatting with another mom about our summer plans.  She made an off-hand comment about how play places like the one we were in made her nervous and how nice it must be to spend the summer in a safe place like America. At that particular … Continue reading

DIY Linen spray

DIY Linen spray

If you are on facebook, there is no way you’ve missed how popular the use of essential oils has become.  My newsfeed is full of moms sharing miracle cures for everything from teething to fevers to cranky children with the use of oils. I was intrigued.  While traditional modern medicine can be lifesaving, we tend … Continue reading

Perceived safety

The streets of Beirut have felt more dangerous the past few weeks.  People are nervous.  Every car looks suspicious.  Everyone is anxiously wondering when and where the next one will be. But the reality is, you could be in Boston, London or Beirut when a bomb goes off.  Here in Lebanon, there is a higher … Continue reading

Driving in Lebanon

Not that rope would stand much chance against gigantic concrete cylinders…. …but I would feel much better driving behind this truck if they at least pretended to tie them down!

FAQ: Do you feel safe?

After our whirlwind trip to the States for a banquet last fall, we wrote a newsletter answering some of the most frequently asked questions we received about life and ministry in Beirut. As we travel around the country this summer, we continue to answer some of the same questions… many of you blog readers don’t … Continue reading

Safety first!

It never ceases to amaze me how I can get scolded every single day because Isla isn’t wearing a hat (It’s cold!  It’s windy!  It’s sunny!), yet no one blinks an eye when this sweet family hops on their bike to head home.

Extended Rear Facing

I’ve mentioned on here before that there are no carseat laws here in Lebanon.  Which means there aren’t really strong rules on what kinds of carseats you can buy here.  So, I’ve been doing lots of research to try and figure out how to use our carseat (from Italy) in the safest way possible. In … Continue reading