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Our love/hate relationship with Santa

Isla has never been a fan of Santa. Last year she was more than happy to sit on Santa’s lap when it was her Daddy, but wanted nothing to do with the Santa at the mall. Apparently this past week Isla saw Santa while she was on a field trip and wasn’t scared because her … Continue reading

Ruby and Santa

I could write paragraphs about the cultural experience we had today.  How this was the second time we went for the parade because the first time we showed up at the time advertised only to find out there wasn’t actually a parade that day.  How we were given a ticket with a time slot to … Continue reading

Isla and Santa

Isla is terrified of Santa.  She tells us that she’ll probably like him when she’s seven.  I’m definitely thankful that we decided not to do the whole Santa-brings-presents-thing, because I think the idea of Santa sneaking into our house while she’s sleeping might very well put her over the edge. Usually at our annual Christmas … Continue reading

Papa Noel

Apparently Isla isn’t really a fan… But for the record, she’s also afraid of Mary and Joseph.