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TBT: Second English

TBT: Second English

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Even though she was born and raised in Lebanon, Isla’s first and strongest language is English. Honestly, we expected her to be both fluent in English and Arabic by this time.  We do live, after all, in an Arabic speaking country, and both her Daddy and I…

Interview with (another) 2 year old

Ruby is so excited to turn three.  She’s gonna “go to school, chew gum and get earrings.”  I’m also not-so-secretly hoping that she’ll also decide to be done nursing, but that’s for another post. But before she can start school… the all important interview!  Yes, for those of you new to the blog and outside … Continue reading

Pet Mart field trip

Isla had a field trip yesterday.  When I got the permission slip to sign, I googled Pet Mart, the place they were going, but could only find references to a pet store.  Not unusual, because of our terrible internet here in Lebanon, it’s not surprising at all that I couldn’t find it online.  Or so … Continue reading

Arabic… English… French… and Isla.

Isla is learning so much at school.  But sometimes things get a little lost in translation. We aren’t always even sure which language she is trying to sing in.  And even when we figure that out, it sometimes takes a few days or even weeks before we figure out what the song is.   The … Continue reading

Isla’s first day!

Isla started school last week! A few weeks after her interview this past winter, we got the call saying she had been accepted.  I mistakenly thought that we would have the whole summer to decide if we actually wanted to send her, but we were given ten days to come in and pay a quite … Continue reading

First day of school traditions

Isla is headed to school in a little less than a month.  Can’t believe my baby girl is old enough to start school already!  Granted, they start super early here, but still…. I’ve seen lots of cute ideas on Pinterest for ways to document your child’s first day of school each year.  But this one … Continue reading

Isla’s interview, part 2

So Isla had her school interview yesterday.  (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check my previous post here.) We weren’t really sure what to expect.  I’d heard from some friends that they just let the kids play and observe them, while others told me that it’s mostly an interview with the parents.  We … Continue reading

Interview with a 2 year old

Believe it or not, we are in the process of choosing a school for Isla for next year.  In the educational system here in Lebanon, kids start school (full-time!) in the calendar year they turn three…. although many (most?) have been in day care since they are one. Oh to be in a country where … Continue reading

Army assembly

Last week was “army day” at the school across the street.  The Lebanese army came and did a big program which included zip-lining from the top of the building next door and rappelling down the side of the school.  Isla and I had a great view from our balcony.  Rumor has it that at these … Continue reading